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1st court appearance today

I had my first court appearance with my lawyer today. He asked for and received a 60 day extention before I make my plea. I'll be pleading NOT GUILTY and ask for a jury trial. My next court appearance is on 8/15/12 at 09:00am in Gold Beach. I do not need anyone to be in court for support at that time. It's just to make my plea. When we get to the actual trial I would appreciate all the support I can get. I'm hoping to fill the courtroom. Of course that would only require about 30-40 people to fill all the seats. I'll keep everyone posted on what's happening as we progress through these proceedings.
Thanks for all your support you've already given.

How did it go cowboy?

I'm still waiting. My lawyer filed a demurrer and now the prosecuting attorney wanted time to answer. I'm due back in court on October 31st to make my plea.
My lawyers' assistant found that the Rogue River ceased to be wild and scenic in 1988 but nobody told the public. There are people along the river that have been forbidden to build on their property because they believed the lies that are out there. I'm hoping to show the public how we have been duped.
I'll post again after my court date. I won't need support on the 31st because that is only to file my plea. When the actual court proceedings get started I'll be hoping for support from the audience.

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