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1st POLL

The Administrator and those that are providing the legal information in this forum, want to know how you like the (numbered) 3 Topic format.  Is the 3 Topic format about right, or would you prefer more or less topics? Remember that the numbered Topics are only those topics that are part of the forum educational effort to educate United States miners in the field of mining law & rights.

gp if I understand the question correctly...Do we need another topic used for "sidebar"discussion to keep the posts to a minimum..a place where we can discuss further or I dont know...another spot

While I can understand the need to have ONE main subject to evaluate/study there has appeard to "be" reference materils/subjects that coincide with the main topic format (subject) needed as well.  So in answering the poll I anticipated the possibility of such and posted "perfect". But for the sake of discussion and a specific study I would offer that one "main" topic/item would be good; with some additional supporting references allowed for study as well.  As I study references are made to "Other"  information that pertains to the specific topic of study.
So if I understand the poll question correctly you are wanting to know how many Acts, or parts there of, should be on an assignment?




In the "TOPIC" section, we need to keep to the subject matter and Q&A's that may be required to bring the lesson into focus with all members.

Other than that, the members are free to open other general topics concerning mining laws, cases, courts, and the like.  The members are also welcomed to add videos, as long as their is a legal learning reason to post it.

A good example was the video series I posted, called "Emily Camp", as it was directly tied to mining and the laws. For other non legal issues and discussions, I would hope we would all return to the GPAA site.

As much as possible, we would like to keep this from, the centeral learning forum for mining law.

so basically I voted "one more" in respect to my can count as perfect gp if necessary Forum Index -> Polls
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