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2nd Poll

Given that few if anyone in this forum has unlimited free time, we seek to poll the members on their thoughts about how long the homework assignments should last.

Of course nothing can be cast in stone, simply because the type and size of assignments will differ.


Thank you for your participation.

Actually I believe the time allowed should be deteremined by that person conducting the Topic to be studied, and the complexity of that topic.  But for general purposes in the begining as everyone is coming up to speed with terms, use of words, and familiarity with the newness of the subject matter the issue of minimal durational time of 1 week allows beginers to get on board.  Additionally I would point out that the full week allows for those who have other commitments and happenings to NOT be lost, and thus fade away. I believe the minimum will be ever is just the nature of the beast.
so I polled for 1 week.

Me Gold Seeker

I also voted for 1 week, but as new members filter in they will be left behind even at 1 week, so I'm not sue how to handle that issue.



bejay;  Exactly my feelings on the matter. The question could have been worded better, ie, "maximum default time'.  I whole heartedly agree that there will be parts to the "Homework" that will NOT need a week for review and study, thus, time alloted will be on a sliding scale, as per the Instructor and or the feedback from the members.

We will most likey make honest mistakes in setting the time limits.  I foresee forgeting about a "holiday" when our members might want to dosomething with their families, like traveling to a vacation.

We must always keep in mind that the membership has lives and businesses beyond this forum and tme to most of us, is in short supply.

and some of you are going to the desert where I would assume you will be busy and possibly pick up a few new students.....float it boys Forum Index -> Polls
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