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do we need a list of abbreviations for the new miner and myself defined. a quick refence page!

Great poll question.  I vote the author in charge of compiling the list.. LOL

how come no one will vote on my poll? Im hurt....I will do it.....skip can you set me up a format or should I just starta thread????
is it possible to open a thread where everyone can post on it, but be able to post in the correct spot for alphabetical??? I guess, in other words where everyone can edit it..If not I will be happy to do it....if you want me too.
Me Gold Seeker


You can't do a thread that all can edit, it will have to be post by one person and then with suggestions/posts of abbreviations and the full text by other members, the original thread starter then edits the first post until you have your list, once the list is complete and agree too by consensus we can copy it to a permanent place on the forum for all to use, you can go ahead and start the thread in the Mining Law Tibits forum and others can join in, once the list is in its permanent place on the forums a moderator can edit it for any other entries that may come along.


Yes! most definitely. Beyond that even,  a complete listing of every document that any miner should have with them during any "hunt" would be helpful also. (Not that I am asking you to do this also Larry.)

slept in ill start tnight..even slept through the blaZERS/LAKERS GAME
gotta go to work

I think that you just need to say it once in the thread with 'quotes' around the abbreviations. Then just use them threwout the artical. When it comes to law talk I get lost but I'm trying to learn. Forum Index -> Polls
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