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I personally would like to see a thread where veteran members would take the time to post a transcription of any encounters they may have had with anyone telling them they could not do what they were doing on "public land". This could include everything in my mind from city parks, forest preserves and/or land claims. The post would be most helpful if it also included the outcome and any possible lesson learned from the event.

Thanks in advance.   Shocked

i second that, good idea or where other "case studies" from others not here can be posted such as GP,s video, which I have not had the time to watch
Me Gold Seeker

Forums sections can be created for whatever subject that maybe needed, so that is needed is a consensus as to what the subject/s should be.

This forum is in it's infancy stage at present and will grow to what it needs to be to achieve the goal/s that brought it into existence.

I would suggest using the "Poll" forum for everyone's input/vote for additional forum sections.

Create a poll for a new forum section that can be voted on by all members, this can be done by any member of this forum, if you need any help creating a poll, let me know.


There is already a forum for case law.

I will create a "Video" forum.


good idea of course megold for the poll....what i meant though by "case study" was a case by case study by us discussing what coulda shoulda woulda or not been done..... Wink
Me Gold Seeker


 There is such a forum for doing just that, the title of that forum might not be the best title to indicate that, but it was the best I could come up with at the time, the title can be changed if need be so no one would be confused as to where to start such a discussion.

If most feel the title is misleading as to what should be posted in it, a thread could be started by yourself or anyone else in the poll forum for suggestions for a new title, to start it off it would not be a traditional poll where everyone votes for a few choices, but instead everyone submits a suggestion and then we could do another poll for voting for the best suggestions.


skip  the title is fine anywhere except in the classroom I supose..What I gleaned from east creeks suggestion may not of always pertained to the law, but of course the law can be applied..An example I guess would be Im in the woods walkin around and a forset service officer asks me wjhat AM I doin??? If I say prospecting and in Oregon that is legal that is the end of it..The way I would envision a thread like this would be to throw out there what coulda happened shoulda happened and by whom..simple example due to limited typing skills
Better ex. GP threw someone off his claim if I remember right...what coulda happened? He did what shoulda happened, but why was he able to do so etc blah blah blah as the law applies
I guess we want and need it as it applies to the mining laws always, that is why we are here..brain fart above

edit: heck esat fork titled this thread altercations? what ever works

That can be a good thing...I had the ODFW, Noaa fisheries, OSP, Sheriff and DSL come down on me on my own claim. In short I won! I will post later, if wanted, on what happened... Wink

gravitydredger:  Please do.


yes gravity..I think there is no better learning than hands on real life examples that can be discussed and examined, preferably one at a time


I think I should clarify further my original post in this thread. By "transcripts" I wasn't referring to court cases. What I am looking for is simply the original chit-chat that has happened to folks here. What worked and what didn't to chase off the harassment? Something like this perhaps...

Forestry Person:
Good afternoon.

Good afternoon.

Forestry Person:
Sir did you know you cannot be digging in the ground around here every time your metal detector tells you something of value may be in the ground there?

Me:(With current level of knowledge...)
Why not?

Forestry Person:
I shouldn't have to be out here explaining "the law" to you sir. If you don't know it I suggest you pack up your belongs and leave.

Sir, I am a miner and am acting in accordance with the mining laws of this country.

Forestry Person:
Sir ether you leave or I am issuing you a citation.

Me: (In a state I do not live in, not looking forward to fighting a court case 100's of miles from my home)
Ok....I'm leaving...  Crying or Very sad


Nice EC...if you ask, they will come (answer)

yep.. ask him what part of the the 1872 mining law are you violating?


Ahhh, well our policy is...


So your stand is that your policy trumps Congressional law?

Him:  Ahhh.. I'm just doing my job....

You:  So your job includes violating mining laws that have been upheld by the Supreme Court?

Him:  Shit!

You:  Can I get your name, badge number and driver's license?

Him:   What for?

You:  So I know which agency to sue and to know where you can be served both the criminal complaint and the civil suit.

Him:  Hey.. You can't sue me!

You: Are you willing to bet everything you own on that theory?

Him:  You know I can arrest you, don't you?

You: Yes, but you do know I can arrest you also and that won't look good on your record.

Him:  If you don't stop right now, I'll call my supervisor and he's not as nice as me.

You: Sorry to hear that, but while you call him, I'll call the press and we can document everything from there.

Him: Press?

You: Yep, you know, local papers, TV and maybe even a radio station or two.

Him:  They have no more right to be on this property than you.

You: Well if you say so, I just call the County Sheriff and sees what he has to say... in front of the media.

Him: You're making this more than it is.

You: Hey Squire, I don't recall asking you to come out here and threaten me.

Him:  Well I have other responsibilities, so you better not be here when I come back.

You: I will leave when I am through using this land that God made and Congress gave me the right to access, so take your time, the day is still young.

Him: You're not very cooperative...

You:, No, I suppose I'm not, but that's what happenes when you take the time to study the mining laws and know your rights, better than the person that is threatening you.

Him:  Shit

You: Please wipe

Him:  I'll let you off this time

You:  Oh thank you Squire!! Forum Index -> General
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