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Army Core of Engineers


Can anyone tell me if the land grabs conducted by this group can legally supersede mining laws? I went into one of their offices yesterday to ask them why they blocked off access to an area where I know a cave exists that I wanted to check out. They asked me why I wanted in the area and I asked what does it matter? I said, "If I wanted to bird watch, hike or prospect or whatever, what difference does it make if I'm on what was once public land". They said it's their land now, the BLM has no authority over the land and that due to "security concerns" and "homeland security" regulations" they put up the fence. I said even though your actions are in direct violation of Congressional Law? He wasn't sure how to answer that one so he gave me the number to one of their lawyers.    

This land is at the "Flowers Canyon" area in Cherokee County, OK. The spot is mentioned in the GPAA mining guide. Opinions wanted please....

I live in the columbia gorge with 3 major dams within say 40 miles of my home, The Dalles Dam, 2 miles from my folks where I grew up and from what I hear through schuttlebut and the rumor mill.dams are a major target of terrorist attacks..It is rumored that we have missles at our dams here..I dont know , but I do know that if The Dalles Dam were to be as I know it would be very different and people I know would die...If I had a claim and they took it, it would piss me off, but I would understand, naturally, of course if the land was close to the dams and made sense....Everyone here knows someone who works for the corp and we all know and have it in the back of our minds that the dams are a real target of a attack..It is a given..what would happen?WE USED TO HAVE A TOUR TRAIN HERE AND IT IS SHUT DOWN AS SECURITY IS VERY HIGH SINCE 9-11 (damn capslock)
We also have many "drones" and low flying jets around here all of the time up and down the columbia, I assume on training missions....Anyways, I assume it is for security reasons that they took that piece of land.



Thanks for your reply. I understand, ...assuming what you have described is their motivation, to a point wanting to block access to the lands adjacent to or in the vicinity of a dam. However, if I were a terrorist with a desire to blow up a dam, I'm certain with the proper training I could achieve that goal. Even from a mile or 2 away!

You and I know that in the desire to be "secure", American's as a whole have been willing to give up their freedoms for more "security" and that mindset puts us on the eventual path to less and less freedom for Americans.  

I told the guy I spoke to that I would stop back by once I know more of the new laws that have been written which will most likely contradict some of the older ones. I realize Oklahoma is not normally considered one of the western states the mining laws were intended for. I guess in the back in the mind, I wish we could take up our cause beyond the western states.

E C I totally agree with everything you said..was just giving an observation based on living with dams..I think it would be very difficult to blow up one of these dams here as they have some serious tech here...but thta is another debate..It does irritate me that they have taken away the land there keep us posted bud Forum Index -> General
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