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Cowboy 444 Looking For Help.

I just got off the phone with Joseph Snook who is an investigative reporter for the U.S. Observer. This is a paper that deals illegal citations, and helps innocent people make their way through the court system. They need a 5000.00 retainer to take over my case and defend me in court. If you can spare a five or ten dollar bill I could sure use your help. I have a paypal account under  Joseph told me that he should have started the investigation yesterday but can't get started without the retainer.
Thanks for anything you can do.


I guess I made a mistake about paypal. If you wish to send a little to help me out you can go to paypal and send to That is my main e-mail address. Sorry for the confusion.
If you don't want to hassle with paypal, my address is:
Randy Waters
28555 Hunter Creek Loop spc 36
Gold Beach, OR 97444
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