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Enviros seek claims

this was taken from OGH and originally posted by hobo mike

by Hobo Mike on Sun Dec 11, 2011 12:00 am

Hay Guys just talked to a Enviro Watch Dog friend in California this evaning He tells Me there is a new movement in California looking to claim land and defalt the mineral rights to the USFS. I dont know if its leagle or not but Beware of who you sell or lease a claim to. I will post all the links to this group as soon as He sends it to Me. Hollywood has a lot more money thean We due so lets all start asking around till we fiend this group and stop them. Maby make few phone calls to your Congress man and Senitor, BLM, USFS strongly disagring with this. I hope its just a ruemer but this Guy new about the Dredge ban before I did. Miners stand firm and hold your ground We need to stand togeather on this Kerby Jackson cant due it allone. Now is are time to show the reast ove the country are plite.

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Green Peace and the Karoks plane on filling as maney cliams on the Kallamth and Salmon Rivers as the can as they become open. The will try and sit on theam as long as they can so We cant mine on theam. I Here they think if the get enuff they might be able to perswade the USFS to withdraw the mineral rights and designate it as Wild and Scenic. If the can get enuff claims with the dredge ban in efect miners might just give up on that area. I dont think that will be the case I wount give up on the 2- 100 acer claims I have down there. Just be carfull who you sell your claims to if you due sell. These little Basterds are getting sneake and we want to catch them filling frodgulante mining claims. You cant just file on mining claims with no intent to work them. If they due try this they will get cought if we keep an eye out fore it
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