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Homework #1

Originally posted by Boxy on the GPAA Forum

It has been written many times on the GPAA forum that you must read and understand the mining acts before you can begin to grasp the obvious distinctions between mining under the grant and mining under a permit.

Start with the 1866 Act and the 1872 Act. Keep them as a reference when you are reading or discussing mining law. When a term (word) is used, such as operation or disturbance, look at those acts to see if those terms are used there. If there is no such term used in the Mining Acts then those terms are not a part of the Mineral Estate Grant and do not apply to that grant.

There is more to learn and discuss but until you understand the basic law behind the Grant you will always be chasing your tail.

Mineral Estate Grant 101.

Here are your study materials:
PDF downloads of 1866 Act & 1872 Act


Here are some study materials to help your understanding.

As I mentioned the words used in the Mining Acts have very specific meanings.

Those meanings are often not the same as the popular understanding of the same words used in day to day conversation today. This can lead to confusion and misunderstanding.

Below is a link to Bouvier's 1856 Law Dictionary. This was the only dictionary of American law existing at the time the Mining acts were passed. It is a well respected dictionary and is the proper one to gain an understanding of the words used in American law at the time.

Not all of the words and terms found in the Mining Acts are in the Dictionary. There are several definitions for some words. Don't hesitate to look up words that you feel you already know the meaning of - you may be surprised by what they actually mean in law.

[url] [/url]

Discussion will take place in TOPIC 2 - THE CLASSROOM after you have completed your reading. Forum Index -> HOMEWORK
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