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When are we getting back to course study? i.e. review of past work
and new topics of study

Has this forum lost it's path and fallen into the abyss? I can read
generic political posts anywhere. I followed the path here to learn
mining law.(note This is a very
specific forum. Can we keep the B.S. to the GPAA site and stay
the course?

Forgive my post if it is out of line and feel free to delete.

My point is:
I have 700 acres of claims and I NEED the information being
taught here. I am tired of paying "taxes and fees" to remove
minerals from what is MINE.

we have had this discussion before concerning the content of this forum and it has been bantered in the past...I believe that the classroom thread is strictly for the task at hand and all the other topics do show that knowing the law is helpful in other respects..A good examlpe of that is woofs walk in the national forest....I find the other discussions helpful in expanding on our knowledge...I do, however agree with daubster in that would someone please comment/grade/correct the last homework assignment as we have had quite a delay in that respect.....I also know that 1866 is busy with other endeavors and woof has had connection problems and felt a bit ill, so as we are all volunteers here, please continue....

The threads I've posted recently...."recreational", Terry McLure and the old dredge post by MEG( which was a letter written by PLP and the Waldo mining district to Washington State contain some very Good information(imho)). These were meant to look at and help learn till we started back up with the homework and classwork.


YES GARY THERE IS PLENTY ON HERE TO LEARN FROM...jOHN cROSSMAN IS FACING A DILEMMA AND ASKING FOR OPINIONS CONCERNING STATE GOVERNANCE OF HIS WATER RIGHTS so as you say there is plenty to do here...I would like to see us take these one at a time and disect and discuss them..We are getting so many threads on here, maybe we should just start with one of them and see where it takes us with what we have already learned....what do you guys think???? And please check out crossmans questions and I would like to know what happened with Montana and the state hammering on his PATENTED claim.......
dang capslock

here is crossmans last question Forum Index -> General
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