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How To Qualify Legal Counsel

Setting aside the argument as to whether or not to hire legal counsel to represent a miner and or claim owner, against actions by the USFS, BLM, DEQ and or MSHA, please list the questions you would ask, to determine if legal counsel is "qualified" to represent you as a miner or claim owner in court.

It is clear that very few, if any legal counsel is versed in the mining laws, but few of them will admit they know less than the miner or claim owner.

Just to start with...
What do you know about the 1872 mining law and how would you apply it to my case?

Have you ever represented a Mineral Estate Grantee ?

Are you famialar with 30 USC 21-54 ?

Define the difference between a "mining claim" and a "mineral deposit".

Define the difference between "public land" , "public domain" and "public domain lands".

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