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Idaho I want your trash

Idaho I want your river trash or pictures of it. I would love to have all your lead to lay at the steps of the Capital during legislation, so save it and get it to me I will get it back to you if you want it. We need to show our legislators that we do good for our rivers. Will it do any good who knows, but I bet it will open some eyes getting us a foot in the door.

I would also like to know how many dredges we have in the state and roughly the amount of time you run them per year. The IDWR permit is per person not dredge so when they say a 1000 permits were given we have know idea how many REAL dredges were in the water, my bet is less then 200. I personally have two dredges and up to eight permits. We need to permit the dredge rather then the people. I know we are protected under the mining act of 1872 but the bark eaters are working on getting it changed and it didn't hold up in CA. So time for plane "B" and getting our state to back us before we become a Democratic state and trust me my friends they are taking over here in Idaho.

So save your junk and lead I would love a couple hundred pounds to show our legislators. Let's show then while groups like the ICL talk about how bad our waters are we worked to improve it and all the did was talk about it. Any ideas what to do with the lead afterwards? Drop it of at the EPA, DEQ, or maybe let the ICL dispose of it then they can say they helped improve the waters of Idaho.


Ken Byers

PS. We need to understand that these enviro nuts watch sites like this to see what we are up to, the new 49ers found that out with a new style LEGAL dredge for CA. If I understand it right CA. Is already trying to stop it, we need sites that you have to have a referral from another dredger to join??? Put on your thinking caps.

Hi Ken...

Glad you came to play. Hope to hear from ya soon, buddy!

I like your idea of the referral process. Very interesting.

Good to see you here. The info here is fantabulous!

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