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Idaho Miners Showed up and Were Heard by Legislatures

See Article and at the bottom of it is the link to the actual video from the Committee meeting. If anyone wants to, we started the "Thank You For Hearing Us Letters" that we are writing to the representatives and the Senators. Please feel free to contact me if you want all the reps contact info. As well as the 4 guest speakers info as well.

Take a look here:

And here is the video to it! Enjoy! Thank you Sheriff Doug Giddings of Idaho County. We need more Constitutional sheriff's like you!

The "Rivers and Mountains" article was pretty even-handed and fair. Worth reading.

Here is the Idaho Rep who is sponsoring this

If anyone needs to know... Idaho constitution article 15 (water rights), sec. 3 states this:

Section 3. WATER OF NATURAL STREAM -- RIGHT TO APPROPRIATE -- STATE'S REGULATORY POWER--PRIORITIES. The right to divert and appropriate the unappropriated waters of any natural stream to beneficial uses, shall never be denied, except that the state may regulate and limit the use thereof for power purposes. Priority of appropriation shall give the better right as between those using the water; but when the waters of any natural stream are not sufficient for the service of all those desiring the use of the same, those using the water for domestic purposes shall (subject to such limitations as may be prescribed by law) have the preference over those claiming for any other purpose; and those using the water for agricultural purposes shall have preference over those using the same for manufacturing purposes. And in any organized mining district those using the water for mining purposes or milling purposes connected with mining, shall have preference over those using the same for manufacturing or agricultural purposes. But the usage by such subsequent appropriators shall be subject to such provisions of law regulating the taking of private property for public and private use, as referred to in section 14 of article I of this Constitution.

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