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Identity Theft a big issue in BLM/USFS

It has come to my attention that it is very unclear just who is Running the BLM/USFS governmental operations.  . . .  The last election was funded by international identity theft ring operatives and evidently they have taken control of the white house.  . . . . Some estimate that as much as 20% of the employees of the US Gov are under assumed names , false I.D. and have a fake identity. . ..  these will be known later as "the times of the false prophet" . . .  How easy has it been for cold war, east European cartel and mafia operatives to infiltrate our legal sysyem by the 1000's.  . . . they go about posing as stupid dipshit envirophobes . . . when in fact . . they are actually working for the Cartel to insure US depenance on the Cartel for strategic metals and now Rare Earth metals.   . . . We have to create a system that would enable the average person to fill out a form that would " challenge one's identity" in a court of law. This would have to be handled by private party investigators, who would do an extensive probe into the person past and the history of their Social Security number. . ..  . When faced with this kind of investigation as groundwork in all lawsuits brought forth by envirophobes . . . I think you will see a dramatic drop in same said suits . .  as few of them could pass the thorough investigation of their entire life. . . . . btw: "envirophobe is a new word I invented that describes a person who has been living in toxic pollution, such as car exhaust fumes, for most of their life and have become so sensitive and paranoid about the environment that they develope a "Phobia" about it.Such people need help and we should be sensitive too their ideas as toxic pollution is the enemy of us all . . . however . .  clay and silt are not toxins and should not be considered as such. They are however, recyclable.

hey goldriver...that is an interesting read..what estimates are you refering to? This wouldnt surprise me at all as it is fairly easy to get a new identity...I used to work for a multimillion dollar a year farm/packinghouses, cherry grower that employed many illegal aliens, who tried to verify identity.....And getting to know many of the fulltime employees..I discovered that many of them had fake names..
btw, I love your invention of the new word
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