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Immediate Need Call to Action

Immediate Need Call to Action

H.B.4015, Oregon’s paramount land use bill, is being held hostage. This bill stands a good chance of making it thru both the house and senate. In addition the Governor has promised to sign it into law should it pass as expected.

Currently H.B. 4095 has come out of committee and is languishing in Democratic Senate President, Peter Courtney’s, “Ways and Means committee”. Apparently Senator Courtney’s plan is to let this important bill die from lack of action. All he has to do is nothing and H.B.4015 will disappear as if it never were written.

Oregon needs jobs and the revenue generated by the intelligent managing of our natural resources. Don’t let one eco-terrorist determine Oregon’s future. Write a personal e-mail, Call, or Fax Senator Courtney and demand that he release this bill for consideration by all of Oregon’s elected officials.      Rodney L Schilling       Salem Office Phone # 503-986-1600                                                                                                                                                  

Salem Office Fax # 503-986-1004

how about looking at the over view? In Nov 7 the day we vote. Are you going to have a advisory balot measure on your county balot asking this question. Would you like to see the county forestry manage the lands in your county or the Forest Service?  Mission statment would be stright forward, If you live next to a national forest or near one then you have a right to prosper from that forest. And the were as as go into what ever complaint you can think of. A Public Relation firm would be in order, now from lack of good P R in the past the means to over come the sleeze ball image the miner has will be hard to over come, too much gun play in the past which feed the bad press.
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