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Oregon Wild just posted this on their web site today. I see they have another area targeted for Wilderness. They refer to it as the Proposed Hidden Springs Wilderness near Hampton Butte and the Crooked River. Also, click on their map to the right of the story. The have mapped the areas that they view as potential Wilderness. This must be the about 5,000,000 acres they seek for Wilderness protection.

Thanks to Ron Glynn for this report.

Ron also reports yet another effort to lock away the last open land in Oregon.  The map is courtesy of the Oregon Natural Desert Association. There is a lot of potential Wilderness Areas in Central Oregon.

And just when you didn't think the lies about mining couldn't be worse, I give you this. Just for laughs and giggles (if our freedoms weren't under total assault, look at all the BS that Oregon Wild is spewing out, while miners and associations like the GPAA remain silent. Look at all of their "reports & facts" and don't miss their "report & facts" regarding "mining". Forum Index -> General
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