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Just Curious

I know both Woof! and 1866 have been busy. Just curious as we await further homework and classwork assignments, if maybe there isn't something that we couldn't discuss about among us (which of course would be reviewed at a later date) in which we can as a whole learn from. Be it a court case or something related, since as the snow melts I am sure most cant wait to get out and enjoy all the earth has to give.


ps. maybe the spammers will leave us be since all they are interested in is mining miners anyways.

gary I just asked this very thing under the homework assignment....I suggested we discuss the terms looked up or look up more tersm..There is so many postings on here I think we can pick one and expand on it......U choose..I have asked woof, via pm....we will see cause as you said they are busy....... Forum Index -> General
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