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Letter To Congressman DeFazio

Feb 16, 2012

Dear Congressman DeFazio:

You have introduced legislation to add 64,000 acres of Federal Timber land in Josephine County to Congressionally Designated Wilderness Status, that would add to the millions of acres of Oregon land, already arbitrarily surrendered to the federal government, costing thousands of Oregonians their jobs and businesses and gutting our state school funding mechanisms. Those lands, once available to enjoy by all Americans, are now mostly gated and off limits to the vast majority of outdoor activities, which includes the Constitutionally recognized right of use and liberty to responsibly seek and recover this nation‘s mineral wealth.

Maybe I missed it, but where is the replacement wealth for Oregonians that has been destroyed, by the previous land transfers to the federal government? I’ve read your proposed bill and I failed to find that you have any concern for the working people and business concerns within Oregon, relevant to your proposed bill, nor did I find any means by which this bill would create any wealth for this nation, or even pay for the cost of the added supervision by the Forest Service, on the land you seek to lock away from the general public, Oregon businesses and miners.

I’m sure you are aware that the Portland based NGO, “Oregon Wild” just happens to have a Wild Rogue Wilderness Campaign listed on their web site? The campaign seems to follow and mirror your legislation very closely. That is quite a coincidence, or is it?

Oregon Wild also lists another campaign for something called Oregon's Yellowstone, a proposal for creating another 535,000 acres of Wilderness in SW Oregon plus 450 miles of Wild and Scenic Rivers. On their Oregon's Yellowstone page, it requests that people to email or telephone Senator Jeff Merkley to encourage him to "protect" Oregon's Yellowstone, yet for some reason, your name is absent.

When I first saw that page, I wonder why only his name was on the “Take Action” section, when you are the author of the bill which would be used as a springboard, to take even more land away from Oregon, to create “Oregon’s Yellowstone”.

Now, I have a few direct questions for you Congressman DeFazio.

( 1)  Besides growing trees and working in government, what real personal experience do you have at protecting our lands and water?
( 2)  In your personal life, how many pounds of lead, mercury and other heavy metals have you personally removed from Oregon waters?
( 3)  In your personal life, how many yards of spawning grounds have you personally rehabilitated?
(4)  In your personal life, how many years have you economically been totally dependant on state and federal lands for your income?
( 5)  Do you now or will you in the future, support Oregon Wild's Wilderness proposal?
( 6)  Do you support the UN “Agenda 21” program in any form, nationally or in the State of Oregon?
( 7)  Do you believe that the Federal government is a better “Trustee” than the State of Oregon, as it applies to government controlled land within Oregon?
( 8 )  Regardless of your personal views, will you use your office to protect the rights of Oregon miners, pursuant to both Congressional and Constitutional law?
( 9)  Given that there is no documented degradation of lands or waters within the area described within your bill, over the last 40 years by miners, rafters or boats, can you explain why such a bill is necessary?
(10)  If offered, would you be willing to personally, with instruction from expert miners, to help work a mining dredge for an hour or two, as to better understand firsthand, the misconception you and others have, as to the false allegations that dredge mining is somehow “harmful” to the waters or environment?

As a lifetime Oregonian, hunter, fisherman, businessman and miner, I believe you have a responsibility to respect and protect my way of life, as you do with others, within this state.

I would like a written response sent to my home address.

Dennis R. Humbird
1040 SW Seabrook Lane
Waldport, Oregon 97394 Forum Index -> General
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