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Letter to DOJ

I need to write a letter to the DOJ conveying my desire to sue the USFS and? for not complying with the request to coordinate.  A meeting was held yesterday and they refused to attend.  Also would not communicate via email or phone. They were given over 30 days notice.
Any help or guidance would be appreciated.

hey goldjunkie...welcome to the site and be patient...most if not all of the big guns are doing some serious mining right now.....give it some time and in the meantime....more details will be helpful!!!

details? you can be vague but details?

I'll need far more information from you, to answer your questions. Start with your location, type of land (state or federal) and the core issues that you believe need to be addressed.

Call received USFS

OK, looks like I do not need to write this letter... yet.
USFS called and left a message of apology and wants me to set a new date for coordination meeting.  This is a good thing at this point.
thanks for your offer of help.

im thinkin they saw you on here wanting to write the DOJ
hehehehehehehe Forum Index -> Mining Law Tibits
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