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Quoted from ICMJ magazine -
"California's State Water Resource Board is planning on introducing a plan "to reduce mercury in Ca. waters" under the guise of a Statewide Mercury Program.
 The agency announced it is planning to hold a series of public meetings in early 2012, and the plan will likely impact gold mining sites.

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Yet another nail in the coffin I'm bettin!!
Not sure how these things work buut there will be a time and place for public commentary. Guessing the greenies will be there in full force as should we!

State owned dredges collecting mercury with a by product of gold. Wink

Fish eggs, what fish eggs? Rolling Eyes

Business as always in California.

For that matter, what lawful right does the state have to "collect" mercury (let alone the gold that it often binds with)?

Hg is a locatable mineral, subject to disposal under the Grant and the courts have ruled that the states are not "citizens" and are therefore not mineral estate grantees.

Miners would be wise to PROSECUTE any state employee or contractor who seeks to collect Ag on their claim under the appropriate statutes for Mineral Trespass.

How stupid does California think we are. First you ban dredging in the entire state, then you devise a plan so that enviromental groups can dredge all the rivers, for the good of the people.

I'm keeping an eye on this one. I will file a case against the state or join a class action when this program gets under way. Forum Index -> Mining Law Tibits
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