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Mine shaft co-ordinates.

Hello, I know this is an American site, but I thought it could not hurt asking for help here, so here goes...

Can someone tell me where the co-ordinates 394295-295183 and 184 are in England please. Just to verify they are where I think they are, it would be appreciated..

Just off the top of my head, that might be 39 degrees north, 42 minutes and 95 seconds. Break it up into its' proper groups and give it a go on Google Earth (maps). Let us know if you find the Mother Lode. Either that, or it might be a military map coordinate?

I know what it is supposed to  be, an old mine shaft. Given these co-ordinates as the location of 2 mines shafts supposedly next door to our house from the coal authority, but sure they have it all wrong. But the location is nowhere near our house, from what I can make of the co-ordinates.

These sort of programmes are supposed to be accurate, aren't they.....|394295_s__c__s_295183|2&v=h

We live roughly here|Point_s_C|0&v=r

Is that a big discrepency in co-ordinates?

Not meaning to offend, but Holy Shit, they have a lot of houses packed into a small area! I moused around, but didn't see anything that looked like a mine unless it was that pond off Ladymoor, right next to your marked area. Could be the sunken flooded portal of a mine. IDK. Luck with your search. Have you tried asking around for local oldtimers that might know? For the cost of a pint you could get more info than you want.

Thanks for having a look anyway, at least you plot the co-ordinates at Ladymoor too. That is all I wanted to find out. Cheers. Forum Index -> General
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