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Old Post by MEG

I know there was a post of the same but it didn't include MEG'S response which also helps explain a small part of the Grant, again from a old GPAA post.

Topic: Good thing we were not dredging…Synopsis.
Posted: 16 Sep 2009 at 4:32pm
While down in the Rogue River, at ENNIS RIFFLE this last Sunday (09/13), a couple of us MEGs with a Mineral Exploration Machine had our first encounter with a couple Sheriff/BLM? Deputies with an apparent intent to get us to admit we were committing a crime of “dredging” in the wild and scenic “corridor”.
We informed them we were not dredging and in fact it was them committing a crime by interfering with our mineral exploration work. When asked to show their authority and jurisdiction expressed in the Grant (a copy of which we carry and handed them), neither produced any. It took a bit of educating them to the fact they were mischaracterizing our work tools and what we were in fact doing was what is authorized under the Grant of 1866. Hal, after repeated attempts of one of the Deputies to get us to admit to his assertions of dredging, told the deputy if his report or any subsequent citation issued were to indicate any different then what we explained to them we were actually doing (asserting our Rights under the Grant to the locatable minerals) would be a fraud.
We went back to work and they left. A “Victory” for us in standing up for our Rights and Entitlements??? We’ll see.
1866 Grant of Locatable Minerals to all citizens of the <ST1:COUNTRY-REGIoNUnited States</ST1:COUNTRY-REGIoN, and those who have declared their intention to become citizens. See the Law page.
Oh, by the way, we got our first real sizable piece of gold; 7/16 long by 16teenth through…and a few smaller pieces as well.
MEG…Hal’s defacto publicist

MEG's response to a picture of said Mineral Exploration Machine

Upon a very similar question from the deputy, "If it is not a dredge then how does it operate?, The answer to him was, "That is proprietary information, a trade secret, to aid me while I'm mining my own business." And before that he had asked to see the machine and he was asked for the court order or warrant he had that required us to bring it to shore to show him.
In essence, it could be any mechanized tool engaged incidental to mining in acceptance of the Grant of 1866 (H.R. 365)(; In this instance, the deputies mischaracterization of our in water tool as a dredge. And beings we MEGs were the only ones vested with the Authority and Jurisdiction over our Mineral Property, Law Enforcement does not have authority or jurisdiction to make any determination over how and what, or the method we choose to develop a mineral deposit.

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