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One for the books!!! Good News for Small Miners!!!


Thanks for the post Hefty...good info.  But even after reading the court determination it makes me give rise to other questions regarding the validity of the CFR's vs law.  But I will continue to challenge such potential questions when they arrise.  Just because a miner uses mechanical big equipment does not, in my understanding, dictate a "significant" disturbance.

Per an earlier Woof posting that is relevant:

There is no definition of "surface disturbance"  

The term "significant surface disturbance" was a way for the Secretary to try to get around the legal standard "unnecessary or undue degradation" found in the FLPMA. Don't be distracted by the words. The following is the only legal definition on which the BLM or Forest Service can rely.

Supreme Court wrote:
"[a] reasonable interpretation of the word 'unnecessary' is that which is not necessary for mining.

'Undue' is that which is excessive, improper, immoderate or unwarranted."

Utah v. Andrus, 486 F. Supp.

995, 1005 n.13 (D. Utah 1979)

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