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Permission form

I asked this question in the GPAA fourm and didn't get exactly what I needed so I thought this fourm might be better. I need a form to say that the landowner is giving us permission to prospect on his land and is not responsible if we get hurt. I do have our club sign waiver liability forms but I just need to get it for the landowner to sign. Is it possible to get it so the average person can understand and not be scared off by 'legal talk'?  Thank you very much for your time.    Dave

dave I just read the gpaa thread and it apperars jimmydolittle hooked you up..if not you can go to a printer shop tey have basic forms in there you can buy one for cheap and they are generic
dave if you get an appropriate from let usknow..I think it would be a good resource to have available eitherr here or another location such as swoma

Permission to enter Private Land
I, the undersigned do grant permission for:
                                                                        (Users Name)
                      To enter my property (Private Property) for the purpose of prospecting
                      and removal of hard mineral resources including Gold, Platinum, Silver,
                      Copper, Diamonds, and any other gemstones.
                      I am NOT responsible for accidental injury to persons or                                                          
                      Landowners Name
                     Signature                                                      Date

This is what he sent me is this a proper form?

now Im no lawyer remember but I would add accidental death and I would also aDD THE Agreement you have with the landowner concerning  split?? If htere is a split or percentage Id put it in there and if they dont care then put the landowner has agreed to let our club members keep what s found although I would be givin him some you know, gold makes dasterly dudues out of common men megan rose would say...jis sayin
The less chance of future drama the better I always say..You might check one out in a printer shop as well..It has been my experience that the forms in there are simple and generic and cheap...Might be a bit more detailked than this but simple as well....I googled a couple and they are way over the top..Frickin attorneys...If you use this one I really would add those two things I suggested
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