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Thank you for the support!

I want to thank all of you for the support, my wife and I have gone through hell and we are still walking down this path. I find that this is only the beginning. I am deeply saddened that all of you have said this is, or portray this is your rights. My wife and I are willing to fight for our rights but do not want to be an example, it's  armchair quarterbacking in this case, but don't ! You have your opinions and that's OK but you don't have a clue ,you have the laws, we all know the laws, but they don't mean dick, It's ok too, shout,  stand up, but when you "asshole's "  Don"t support we go down, we are not asking for money, but look at the web site no new members, HMMM, WHAT WILL YOU DO WHEN THEY COME FOR YOU? Am I pissed yes, but it's ok I"ll let the gubberment figure it out! Two face's Gary where are you?
 I have sat back and watched you all, what a joke!

I'm not sure I know what's going on with you...I've been watching your case here, trying to see where it was going. You haven't posted anything about your strategies or the USFS in quite a long sort of dropped from sight. I assumed you wanted to keep it quiet. So I'm not sure where assholes and two-faces comes into play. I'm sure everyone here wanted to see you win. Forum Index -> General
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