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Doug Watson

WA Beach Mining Under Attack

We need help. Late last fall after about 8 years of work we finially got our beaches opened up for mining. Now the state parks dept. is calling a special meeting, mainly at the request of costal groups, because they say there wasn't enough public input before the rules were adopted. They also anticipate there will be suggestions to amend the new rules and also try to impose a $150 fee on a now free HPA permit. If you can't come please email Lisa Lantz who is an enviornmental planner for the parks dept at Lisa.Lantz@Parks.WA.GOV to express support for beach mining and our local depressed areas. We would like to see the HPA permit done away with and the rules incorperated into the state Gold and Fish rules. Be nice to her as she has supported us in the past. Thank, Doug.

here is a link to the surfers forum although i could not find any topic concerning beach mining on the forum or the website.....
Doug Watson

I want to thank everyone who was able to attend the meeting last night and also those who sent emails. We had a good showing with about 50 or 60 people there and very few against us. Some drove several hours to attend. Things went well and I think if we can have a showing like this at all meetings affecting us things will get better. Thanks again, Doug.


Good work and thanks for all you do for miners everywhere. We already tried the "silent" approach and that didn't work well for us.

You are correct, when facing down government and government agencies, a real show of force by numbers is always a good thing for us.. and equally bad thing for those that seek to destroy our freedoms and liberties.

I believe it is also important to keep track of the tree huggers and where they seek a voice with government and it's agencies, so should we appear and stand ready to refute the green agenda, based on science, laws and facts, the three things that the greens have no defense for.

Nothing positive or good to say about this. If you knew the history behind it you would think the same way.

what do you mean randy-or..clarify that would ya?

Randy-Or wrote:
Nothing positive or good to say about this. If you knew the history behind it you would think the same way.

Randy-OR;  We don't work here, that way.  This forum is about questions and answers as it relates to mining law and miners. If you have information concerning the law, or legal efforts, we ask you to share, for the good for all miners.

So why not start all over and try to post something that is either informative or instructive.


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