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Warm Springs Placer I M C 16681 estab. 1955 Congress

Thanks to all for helping the miners cause! The 20 acre claim in 2012 was 600 by 1500 feet as a placer recorded in Challis and amended in 2012 to 1450 by 600 to keep it at less than 20 acres or the fee would have been 280.00$. Now the forest service geologists are saying it is only 12 acres. the legal discription from the the amendment is by BLM by the land law examiner. Owners of the mining (placer) claim will have a meeting on sight the 22 of July at 10 AMto resolve the issues. After reading all mining laws and forum this is getting out of hand. The claim can be seen from highway 75 on your way to Sunbeam, Idaho and the forest service is troubled to have to answer what is going on over there. There will be no significant disturbance, by their rules. This claim is in section 29 next to Torreys on the opposite side of the Salmon River. the District ranger will have the final say not the geologists. Hope all had a good time in Riggins and there will be some resolve with all this opposition. Our corners and discovery marker are all in place.  Acreage is at 19 1/2 acres approx.

Why not do the maintenence and forget the "fee"? Do you own more than ten claims? An exemption can also be requested.

Can you help me in every issue.

I like to look good and your feedback is valuable. Forum Index -> General
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