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warm springs placer sawtooth national recreationa area

gopher just tried talking to minerals program leader forest service and was told this being our second summer to try and work our claim and i was told not , am really frustrated by stall tactics and was told they needed an other study on site by myself and forest service land specialists  I am told that this claim from 1960 falls under locatable minerals act 1972.   frustrated an still reading about mining laws. march 3 11:56 2014

Unless it's been removed, your claim is valid.. the 1972 act does NOT end or stop your rights.

Gopher, I've just been rereading the thread "looking for case law", and trying to understand it better. I'd suggest you read that one. It will point you in the right direction, which I think would be to know the law, and not to file a NOI or POO. At least not until you understand all your options.
 For one thing you are required to work your claim (or pay) in order to keep it "maintenence". That is your choice. But the 1872 law says that you have the right to both occupy and explore for minerals. I will not trade my superior right for an inferior priviledge, by signing a NOI or POO. Forum Index -> Welcome
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