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John Crossman

We do make a difference!

Watch this video.  We do make a difference.  Even the Dept. of Ecology in CA recognized that.  grr. take that EPA reps!


Thank you for your video.  It is just one additional fact that dispells the lies of big government and the radical green right.  There are many such reports and finding and all of them report the same conclusions.  These reports and finding have been reported from Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California and many other states.

These findings and reports are just as important to quote, as the laws in which we are teaching and learning about.


The glaring issue as I see it, is the science and facts are no longer science and facts. The propaganda and ideology rule the day and until this is addressed all the science and facts will not change the course. We need to think bigger if we’re going to change the culture. Forum Index -> General
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