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Metal Detectors
1872 Act
Understanding in a nutshell
US v Tierney
Minard Run v USFS
Miners WIN $107 million jury’s verdict
needing help
BLM 2017 Budget and Changes to MIning Claims
Dredge Permits
Perhaps Obama's Last Efort To Kill Mining
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mining, mining law, prospector, mining claim, 1865, 1872, legal,illegal, government, policy, administrative, minerl,grant, right, forest, service, blm, deq, wild, scenic, hobby, go
Latest Articles
Metal Detectors
Metal detectors from detectorall got good quality and suitable price. Anyone in need? Please contact us.
1872 Act
I am very glad to read the new meat. This is my knowledge.
Minard Run v USFS
This is an interesting case that deals with the split estate:
Miners WIN $107 million jury’s verdict

With Sacramento County reeling from a federal court jury’s landmark $107 million judgment against it, plaintiffs’ lawyers said Wednesday the “undue influence” case should serve as a warning shot for any governmental entity that plays political favorites.

“The theme I saw in this case, that the jury saw, was a local government that got so close to these big companies they were regulating that they basically got dependent on t ...
Dredge Permits
Well, I'm getting ahead of the permits, looking to make a solid defense for when I get caught dredging without one. There are three court decisions I sorta remember, but not from where.

1: said that we have a right to extract the minerals on our claims (redundant, I know).

2: said it is not an excessive infringement on our rights to require a permit.

3: said that a right granted cannot be converted  to a privilege, and a fee charged for same. Any help would be appreciated. Montana is ...
Perhaps Obama's Last Efort To Kill Mining
Story here:
BLM 2017 Budget and Changes to MIning Claims
I've read proposals for both the 2016 and 2017 BLM budget, which would do away with the small-miner exemption, and shift new hard-rock claims to a system where royalties must be paid. Obviously it didn't go through for 2016, but they're trying again. Does anyone have any more information on this? If we have to pay the $165 (or more) per claim, I'd have to let some of my claims go, which is obviously their objective.
  However I think this would conflict with the mining law, which require ...
3rd POLL
I'm very Read on to know more information about this. It made me learn new things that have never been known before.
One for the books!!! Good News for Small Miners!!!
You are the master of all What you most want to be like.
RS 2477 Help Needed
I've recently filed on an old silver mine, which should pay nicely. There are three old tracks or roads that go to the mine, all of which predate FLPMA. One of the tracks is closed with a pole barrier across it, one is "decommissioned", and the other has a USFS gate on it. I want to avoid going the permit route on the claim, but from all the reading I've done on the rs 2477, I still can't find anything that points to where I can just go out and use one of the old roads and Forest Servi ...
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